What is FlexiEngineers?

FlexiEngineers works as a digital platform committed to connecting a fragmented workforce while bypassing costly recruiters and /or mass-freelancer marketplaces. We connect skilled engineers with companies seeking great talent by allowing them to find opportunities to collaborate. We do this by providing engineers with a free membership to our platform, which gives access to available jobs, allowing companies to post jobs as required. Jobs will be available to apply for through our members only page, and we encourage our members to connect directly with the job provider.

Which Engineering Industries do you target?

We target the following industries and markets for freelance/contract engineering jobs, including;
  • electrical jobs/consulting
  • mechanical jobs/consulting
  • civil (structural and bridge) engineering jobs/consulting
  • rail engineering jobs/consulting
  • Road/highway engineering jobs/consulting
  • mining engineer jobs/consulting
  • petroleum engineering jobs/consulting
  • process plant jobs/consulting
  • CAD and engineering design jobs/consulting
  • environmental engineering jobs/consulting
  • architectural jobs/consulting
  • Engineering Management, Project Management, Site Management, Commissioning, Scheduling & Project Planning, Commercial Management, and other specialist engineering cross-discipline areas are also included
  • other remote, freelance/contract, specialist engineering services

What is freelance engineering?

We are a specialist marketplace for freelancers catering to a skills shortage in one streamlined platform. Freelancing usually consists of a variety of different temporary jobs and/or projects with a pre-defined scope of work and time frame, where one person works for themselves rather than for a company. Freelance engineers are usually called Contractors or Independent Contractors.

What kind of contract duration and projects does FlexiEngineers advertise?

  • Projects / Commissions (one-off delivery)
  • Short-term contracts (less than 6 months) – which can be part-time or full-time
  • Long-term contracts (6 months or longer) – which can be part-time or
  • full-time
  • Internships where suitable or appropriate

Does FlexiEngineers have any freelance/contract engineering industry experience?

FlexiEngineers was started by a freelance chartered electrical engineer who is still contracting in Australasia and South East Asia with over 20 years experience. Our founder understands the common pain points for both freelancers and organisations, and has built this marketplace with the hope it will provide a solution to the current issues facing out industry regarding skills shortages.

Does FlexiEngineers request commission and finders fees?

We do not charge Commission or Head Hunter / Finder fees.

Note: Refer to the “Membership / Pricing” page for more details

It’s easy (and free) to sign up and look for Freelance jobs:

How does FlexiEngineers Work for Freelance Engineers?

1. Register
2. Make a profile
3. Upload your CV
4. Look through the available jobs

Can profiles be anonymous?

Profiles can be turned on or off but they cannot be anonymous.

What happens if I am not currently looking for a job and I want my profile to remain active?

You are welcome to keep your profile live regardless of status, but please note you may be contacted by organisations looking for your skill set. It is then up to you if you’d like to engage with them, however it is usually considered courteous responding to an interested party should you be offered work. 

Alternatively, you may wish to place a note on your profile to say you are currently not available for certain periods of time or at all due to other commitments.