Northwest Paper Box

  • Camas, WA, United States
27 May, 2022
Northwest Paper Box Camas, WA, United States
General Laborer FULL-TIME $21/hr If you demonstrate an above average aptitude and work ethic including attendance, you will be considered for a wage increase prior to annual review. Responsibilities: • Reading and interpreting work orders • Setting up and operating machine and tools according to instructions, specifications, and standards • Recognizing when the machine is malfunctioning or in need of maintenance • Modifying feed, speed, and controls of the machine to correct issues • Measuring finished pieces with precision measuring tools and equipment to ensure they meet order specifications • Verifying measuring instruments such as gauges and calipers are in proper working order • Correcting production errors or machine malfunctions by conferring with supervisors and or programmers • Maintaining and cleaning machines / industrial equipment to keep them free of grease, oil, residue and other materials • Cleaning floors around machinery and elsewhere...