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How and why Flexi Engineers Started

Flexi Engineers was founded in 2020, their mission - to create a platform where professional engineers can connect with any kind of (flexible) engineering role, being it gig-economy style projects, commissions, specialist one-off or ongoing consulting, freelancing of any kind, traditional contracting roles, work from home, and any other kind of engineering role whether part-time or full-time but with some form of flexibility built in.

We want to provide a trusted, professional, effective and easy way to find professional remote and flexible engineering jobs.   

In order to build a professional platform with a variety of flexible and interesting engineering jobs, we need professional, flexible and talented people. Is this you? If so, we want to talk to you!

Created by Engineers for Engineers 

We were founded by engineer James Webb, a chartered engineer who has worked remotely as a contractor for over 10 years. Previously the general view of the industry has sometimes been slightly pessimistic towards freelancing and remote working, it could possibly be seen as revealing company secrets or even ‘working for the enemy’ but as attitudes are rapidly changing and technology improving every day, freelancing/contracting and working flexibly is becoming more common for engineers. Today many employers are actually encouraging their staff to get additional experience to maximise learning and are rapidly adopting online technology to enable working away from the office.

“With the constant web technological improvements and the continued acceptance for personnel to work remotely, freelancing and remote working in the engineering space is becoming more acceptable and doable,” says founder James.


And it is not only the engineers, who are benefiting from this arrangement. Hiring an engineer to work flexibly is not the same as hiring a full-time employee and this flexibility can lead to substantial profitability due to only having the correct amount of manpower and not paying for more than necessary. We have noticed flexibility becoming more common in the workplace not only for medium-to-longer term positions but also for shorter commission-based assignments. Engineering space differs by nature from many other sectors since an engineer is not often needed on a full-time basis and through freelancing or flexible working, companies can hire specific experts with the exact skills they need for their particular project and duration - and the best part is that professional engineers are more flexible than you think and are willing to jump in and get stuck in!